Virtuele workshop Elliot Masie

WHIPLASH! – Learning in New, Ambiguous & Unpredictable Times

Maandag 29 november, 17:00

WHIPLASH! – Learning in New, Ambiguous & Unpredictable Times

Our employees and organizations are experiencing some “WHIPLASH” – as the risks and changes from COVID keep evolving.   The workforce spent 14 months in “work from home” mode.  We wore masks and took vaccines.  But, the future is still uncertain.

Learning is already shifting.  And, based on interviews with over 50 Chief Learning Officers and Learning Leaders from major corporations around the globe, Elliott Masie will provide a perspective on the immediate futures of Learning. 

Our learners are changing.  They are more self-engineering and they are less inclined to want to be “students” in “courses”.  And, career expectations have been shifting in these times.

Our technology is changing.  Learning is leveraging more devices, touched by more systems and starting to embrace AI and Smart Systems to make personalization an optimization.

Our leaders are changing and coping with Ambiguity. Traditional leadership and planning models are being challenged by the degree of ambiguity and uncertainty in the future. 

Elliott will provide an overview of these changes and a focus on the changing roles and branding for learning, development and performance in these Pandemic times.


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